Resources and User Supports 

Collaboration & Research

The OSI works closely with partners both within and external to government on a number of initiatives.

Code of Practice for Alberta Official Statistics

Principles and best practices to guide the GOA in producing and disseminating high quality Alberta Official Statistics


Quality Guidelines

Guidelines for data and information ensure that data and information published for use and reuse meets specified quality criteria.

Formative Evaluation of the OSI

Report on the progress made to address three dimensions of inquiry identified in the 2009 Formative Evaluation of the OSI.

Acronyms & Glossary


Resource Guides

The OSI publishes resource guides to help with understanding statistical indicators that are often misinterpreted or cause confusion


Guides to Interpreting Metadata

Metadata provides information about the context for an Alberta Official Statistic. It may describe how the statistic was derived, the data source(s) for the statistic, the methodology used to interpret the data, and other information guiding the use and reuse of the statistic.


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